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This shopping list has all you need for a successful detox week, but it’s much more than that!

It is a free ticket to a healthy way of living! I’ve listed all basic foods and spices you’ll need for a life changing healthy way of cooking.

Maybe you already have most of these items in stock? This means you will be easy ànd cheap off.

It is possible that some of the things listed are new to you. This means you are learning and making a very important investment for your health!

Don’t worry, most of the things are readily available and not that expensive. (depends on where you live, I guess…)

Note: Epsomsalt is always available at pharmacies (at low cost) if you can’t find it in a local store. You can also order this online.

There might be some confusion about the mung beans as there are green, whole beans and yellow spit mung beans. For your detox it is advisable to purchase the yellow beans, at your local Indian/Middle eastern/organic store. They are easy digestible and full of proteins. The green ones need longer soaking and cooking and tend to give bloating for some people. Can’t find yellow beans? Cook the green mung seperately and add some cumin or kombu in your cooking water. Then follow the recipes.<< Back to start>> Go to recipes

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