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Congratulations! You have completed the detox!

That’s really awesome! I can only hope that you feel vibrant and very much alive today. It hasn’t always been easy, that’s for sure. Your normal reaction might be to celebrate your victory with a nice piece of chocolate pie or tasty French fries. Well, I have to disappoint you just a little here…hold your horses for a few days to smoothen the transition into a normal eating pattern.

Transition to healthy living

Hopefully you have the natural urge to choose delicious fresh and healthy dishes instead of fast-food. The yoga, breathing and mindfulness we practiced during the week help you to connect to your inner compass. This inner compass will guide you towards a healthy lifestyle. You can feel which food is nourishing you and which food is taking energy and leaving you dull or low energy. Stay aware of how all the different food substances affect your digestion, your physical sensations, energetic and mental state.

It is important for your health to slowly start eating animal products again, if you feel that need. Nutrition-wise, I would advise some fat fish, like sardines or organic chicken with a lot of vegetables…and spices of course! If you like cheese, start of with a little piece of goat or sheep cheese. In general, eat as little gluten, sugar and dairy as possible.Avoid sugar as they feed your unhealthy gut bacteria and cause Candida overgrowth. Gluten and dairy because they damage the gut barriere cells, with every one.To keep up with a healthy diet, it’s important to eat about 100-120 different food items a month. This includes spices, roots, vegetables, whole grains, and animal products like eggs, fish and animals that had a lot of movement. These animals had a happy life and have more proteins instead of carbs and fatty tissue.

Detox on a regular basis

It would be a very good idea to implement one detox day every month. Follow Day 1 of the program or pick one day a week to go plant-based. These simple changes, make a whole lot of difference in the prevention of diseases!Maybe you have got the taste now for a mainly vegetarian lifestyle, from which your health can only benefit. Either way, your detox is a gift to yourself that no one else can give you. You are the master over your own health!Try to do this program twice a year during Springtime and Autumn, for maximum benefits.


If you are in any doubt about your health or in need of further medical advise, please consult your doctor.You can also consult our Q & A page, where everybody can share their experiences and ask questions.If you would like to have an online personal Ayurvedic consultation, please send me an email 

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