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Why is yoga so important during a detox?

Yoga is a scientifically proven way to reduce the stress level in the body and mind. For thousands of years people have been practicing yoga techniques to free themselves from the stress and worries from daily life.

Our every day life can become very demanding at times, can’t it? We always want to do our very best for studies, work, family or friends. Household, cooking, maybe kids and one million things to remember and tasks to be done.

Not enough time to relax can cause a constant high stress level. This continuous pressure on ourselves causes frustration or anxiety. Anger or anxiety are signs of severe stress and has an extremely negative effect on the body, which can be measured by the levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline, produced by the adrenal glands.

The heart beat rises, blood pressure goes up and blood vessels in the excretion channels of the digestive system contract. The amount of digestive fluids decreases, thus bowel peristalsis slows down. When food isn’t well digested it gets stuck in the body, where it creates big problems on a cellular level. This is experienced as an emotional discomfort.

Research shows that chronic stress, or the inability to handle the stress, is the main cause for 80 to 90% of all illnesses. This is actually what Ayurveda is been saying thousands of years back already. Take care of your mind and your bowels 🙂 and long life is yours!

Trampoline jumping

If you have a trampoline within your reach, it is advisable to do at least 5 minutes a day of jumping to boost the circulation of your lymphatic system. Be aware of your abdominal muscles while jumping and contract them while breathing deeply. The moment of floating in air gives a stimulus to the lymphatic system that is really helpful during your detox. You’ll get stronger bones too!

During this week please allow yourself to take time to enjoy some good music, take a walk in nature or play with your kids or pets (if you have any).


Start the day with these morning sequences to heat up and eliminate those first toxins with a bit of sweating 🙂

Boost your metabolism and find your inner strength!

These videos explain the routine in detail, so even if you haven’t done any yoga before it is very safe.

Scroll down to see the routine of each day of the week. All the videos are all listed on this page.

And remember, the most important part is…breathe!!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Password: Happydetox


Password: Happydetox


Password: Happydetox


Password: Happydetox

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