• save the program to your favorites on your computer and save the password
  • read these guidelines
  • print out the recipes and the shopping list
  • go shopping before you start
  • Check out the program part 1-7
  • Follow the menu and daily exercises during 1 week!


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General guidelines

On a physical level you can encounter some discomfort, because of the excretion of toxins. This can result in head ache, tiredness (in the beginning), constipation or diarrhea, nausea. Please, know that this is only temporarily and that it’s a sign that your detox is working  Take rest and drink at least 2 l herbal tea and warm water. You also need to trust your inner guide and if some symptoms are worrying you, please contact me or your doctor.

If you generally have a rather unhealthy lifestyle with lots of sugar, alcohol, smoking, drugs or fast carbs it is advisable to take a Silybum Marianum supplement for your liver. Silybum Marianum rejuvenates and regenerates the liver cells in a way that even people with liver cirrhosis can benefit from this plant. This results in a strong liver that’s able to detoxify properly once you start with the detox. You will have less symptoms and can safely do a detox even with years of accumulation of toxins.

As we detox the body, old toxic thoughts and patterns can be released as well. When this happens, take extra time for selfcare. A hot bath with essential oil and sea salt can help, take a yoga class or practice the breathing exercise from the program. If it is something you need help with, find a friend to talk to or seek professional help.

You can always contact me for personal online coaching. Personal coaching takes about 1,5 hour, where we discuss your current health situation and adjust the diet accordingly. Contact me for more information.Contact me

Daily Routine

  • No appointments or parties this week, sorry folks! It would make it very hard to stick to the program and you really need your rest now!
  • Wake up between 5 and 7 am. At this time your mind is very clear. You’ll have extra time to take good care of yourself and do your morning yogaroutine.
  • Eat in a calm environment and chew well.
  • Don’t skip meals as this will bring air in your system and lowers the digestive fire.
  • Avoid led screens for long hours, especially at night as this disturbs your sleep-wake hormonal balance.
  • Go to bed early and most importantly…

Food do’s and don’ts

During this detox we will follow the ancient principles of Ayurveda, which has been a natural way of living and healing for thousands of years. I have integrated scientific research and more recent techniques, which have proven to be succesful and beneficial for your health in the longrun.

Here are some things to take in account when it comes to food during your detox period. The recipes are listed here


Check The Shopping List Here

These are a lot of things to take into account. You could print this page and hang it out on your fridge to remember. GOOD LUCK!!

good luck

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