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3 surprising recipes with Dandelion, a healing weed and so much more!

Have you noticed them already? The yellow little buds popping up in the grass here and there, like everywhere. The dandelion is an extremely powerful detoxifying plant. Isn’t it wonderful how nature gives us exactly what we need at exactly the right time?! Since the old days its fresh leaves have been used during Spring …


Red Lentil- Zucchini Soup with a taste of summer

PrintRed Lentil-Leek-Zucchini SoupPrep Time10 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time30 mins  This soup is light in taste, but satisfying as it comes to nutrients and proteins. You won’t be left hungry! The herbs will boost your metabolism and digestion.Course: Main Course, SoupCuisine: All, IndianServings: 8 portionsCalories: 150 kcalIngredients 2 Leek 4 Carrot 2 stalks Celeri 1 onion 1 garlic 1 handful white cabbage 2 Zucchini 1 tsp black mustard seeds  1 tsp cumin seeds 2 cm fresh ginger grated 3 cm fresh turmeric grated 3 lime …


Spread à la Puttanesca

PrintSpread à la PuttanescaPrep Time2 minsCook Time5 minsTotal Time7 mins  Homemade spread is a little bit of extra work, but so tasty and good for you. Forget the conservatifs and bad fattys. Course: Appetizer, SnackCuisine: ItalianServings: 20 servingsCalories: 50 kcalIngredients 200 g sunflower seeds soaked  150 g sun dried tomatoes half dried 5 tbsp olive oil or the oil of the tomatoes 2 tsp capers 1/2 tsp black pepper fresh, to taste 2 pinch Sea salt to taste 1 tsp tomato paste 1 handful parsley cut  1/2 clove garlic …

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DIY Ovenbaked cereal in autumn colors

PrintDIY ovenbaked cereal with autumn colorsPrep Time5 minsCook Time25 minsTotal Time20 mins  DIY cereal is easy peasy, take 5 minutes! Some time ago we had to avoid wheat for my boy’s eczema. So I started making them cereals myself, since wheat was in practically every brand I could find. Once you’ve tasted the difference, you won’t want anything …

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